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Pronounced Surfer by Blood. We are a Brand & Creative Agency that focuses on product/opening launches of current and future trends on the West Coast So Cal Contemporary Fashion and Rock & Roll Style & Sub-Culture in the realms of Marketing, Public Relations, Communications, Representing, Image Making and Events. Bringing in like minded influential trendsetters and consumers throughout Southern California to connect and celebrate The Good Life while consciously providing a platform where like minded people and like minded contemporary fashion, surf and skate brands and culture can co-exist and bring attention to the Streets and Oceans need for universal connection through Music, Fashion and Art of human harmony and expression. We work closely with Surfrider Foundation to bring awareness to their causes from rise above plastic campaigns, banning of single use plastics, clean beaches, water, rivers to the much needed attention to our Oceans and deminishing surf breaks connected to us through the So. Cal Life Style Community to raise funds, as well donating portions of our proceeds.

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Come Join us on Thursday, August 28th 2014 in Venice Ca. for the 50th Year Anniversary for The Endless Summer & Art Exhibition. We are proud to bring you a collaboration event with Art Seen, Bruce Brown Films and Esquire Magazine. This is a evening affair filled with food, live music, and celebration that bonds us through the ocean and surfing. As well, a special screening of Endless Summer to honor film maker Bruce Brown, and surfers Mike Hynson and Robert August which marks its 50th Year Anniversary this year.

The Endless Summer 50th Anniversary Art Exhibition
800 Main Street, Venice Ca 90291
Thursday, August 28th 2014

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